Women in Rebellion

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Women in the nineteenth century led a life so completely different from the life of a twenty first century woman that it seems to be hardly believable. In the nineteenth century, women were completely dominated by men. Women were not educated highly and were discouraged from taking up employment.


Even in such restricting circumstances, some women did rebel and blazed a path for their emancipation . Many books were written which highlighted the veritable slavery women were subjected to .
Madame Bovary by Gustav Flaubert is a French novel which aroused a lot of controversy when it was published, as it portrays the sexual craving of a middle class woman All the novels are set in the nineteenth century, in Victorian times . While the story of The Woman in White takes place in England, The Portrait of a Lady takes place in different parts of the world., and Madame Bovary is set in France.
As its title suggests, The Woman in White is a story with a mystery. The story begins with Walter Hartwright , the young drawing master meeting a mysterious woman dressed completely in white, on a lonely road in the middle of the night. He helps to find her a cab , and is told by her to beware of a certain baronet. .He overhears some people saying that she had just escaped from a lunatic asylum. Hartwright is appointed to teach Laura Fairlee and Marian Halcombe at Limmeridge House. He immediately falls in love with the lovely Laura, but conceals his feelings. He tells Marian about his encounter with the mysterious woman , and Marion finds through a letter written by her dead mother to her husband that she was Anne ,who had joined her school and who had a strong resemblance to Laura. ...
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