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In "Do androids dream of electric sheep" Rick Deckard , an android bounty hunter has just finished neutralizing three "andys" ( Androids) and he has to make a final charge to finish three more. These are the advanced kind of androids which are more human in nature.


At this time he calls on Rachael Rosen who actually happens to be an android and who has actually offered her help as a favor because earlier he had let her go even after knowing that she was an android. This call was significant in another way as well. Earlier in the day Rick had found out that though he killed Androids, he actually had empathy for them and more so for female Androids. After terminating a female opera singer Luba Luft Android , he wondered how the world had benefited by him terminating her and depriving it from her quite considerable talents. In his conversations with a fellow bounty hunter Phil Resch ,who actually was working with some of his own inner conflicts, they talked about how intimate relationships with Androids though illegal was not uncommon and indeed you could have sex with an android then kill her. And that brings us back to this call Rick had made to Rachael. Indeed he did need her help to kill these other three androids but there was more to it, he actually wanted to check out the depth of his empathy towards androids. They met in a hotel room, and after some initial resistance on Rick's part ( he was married and he killed Androids for a living after all) they did have sex. The interesting part was what followed. There was no question Rick developed feelings for her. ...
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