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Who Moved My Cheese

In this light, the need to find ways to deal with challenges presented by the flurry of change in our life becomes of the most urgent and demanding.
In this regard, the book "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson is addressed exactly to the audience that seeks ways to effectively manage changes in their lives. One of the main points of the author is that change as such can not only bring anxiety, but good opportunities as well. How we perceive changes depends on our attitudes towards life and valuable things in it, which the author calls 'cheese'. Thus, the principal message of Johnsons book is that if we begin to understand the true value of 'cheese' in our life, and develop a realistic and positive attitude to changes that seem to move our cheese away from us, we can become much more successful and effective in managing our well-being. It is not accidental that the book "Who Moved My Cheese" depicts a maze in which four characters live, because the maze represents our path towards happiness in life, and the four characters with their different attitudes represent different parts of human nature. ...
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In our modern hectic world it is easy to lose the sense of stability and security, and a lot of people apparently have done exactly that. Indeed, consider the sad statistics which we often hear that mental disturbances are becoming an inevitable companion of our todays lifestyle…
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