One for the Money by Janet Evanovich

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One for the money is a poem that revolves around Stephanie Plum; this is the central character in the poem. Stephanie Plum who is approaching thirty finds herself in a quagmire; she looses her job in the busiest metropolis known as Trenton. Stephanie Plum car gets ready to plunge into bits, and frantic.


Well' this is a dangerous job for an inexperienced person. Ideally, Joe Morelli is a rascal cop that faces manslaughter charges and posting $10,000 recompense. Nevertheless, events turn out to be scanty- Stephanie starts to conceptualize that Joe is not as culpable as alleged to be. While relentlessly searching for the truth, she finds herself on the other side of town brushing shoulders with harlots and ill tempered wrestlers. At this point in time, she gets lost in the world of imaginations, especially when a pugilist sets his shadow eyes on her - as well as having a strange link to the bump off case. The first day on job for Plum is quite frantic, as she hardly can seize an ounce to breathe. Probing around for intimations as to where Morelli might be trouncing, Stephanie runs into a boxer that gets irritated after declining to go to bed with him. Being susceptible to attacks, Plum is now insolvent and cannot run elope by herself, lack enough Morelli emerge from the blues to rescue her from the attack. At this moment, Morelli is practically tied into Plum hands, yet incapable of outsmarting the former cop. All the way through the jiffy half of the manuscript Plum exposes that the actual killer is still at large; perhaps roving on the boulevards. Plum is now coerced to join hands with Morelli in determining the actual murderer. ...
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