Animal Farm by George Orwell

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One of the main pigs, by the name of, "Squealer" is shown to be in a very persuasive position with the animals, having direct control over the actions and reactions often times. This is one of the main points of emphasis that is expressed in the following literary summary of the story, "Animal Farm".


Overall, Squealers role and his objectives, various techniques, and calculations he used will be pulled together to bring a tight conclusion to the summary, bringing a solid reasoning into why he was portrayed the way he was throughout the story.
After old Major dies in his sleep it is evident his speech did not fall on deaf ears. The rest of the animals are seriously contemplating an uprising and leadership of the animals is generally emphasized to fall into the hands of three pigs; their names being: Squealer, Napoleon, and Snowball. Squealer seems to play one of the largest roles in the story since his characteristics emphasize much power of persusal with the animals on the farm as it is said that he has the ability and influence to be able to convince any animal that "black is really white". This ability continues on throughout t he book, detailing strong manipulative skills that Squealer utilizes to achieve his own hidden intentions as well as primarily keep control of the farm in the hands of himself and Napoleon. ...
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