Compare and Contrast based on Frank O'connor's "My Oedipus Complex", and Graham Greene's "A Shocking Accident" - Essay Example

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Compare and Contrast based on Frank O'connor's "My Oedipus Complex", and Graham Greene's "A Shocking Accident"

The boy (and young man later) was afraid of people's laugh because of it. He became very happy when a girl he married did not laugh when she has heard the story about his father's death.
The character of the main hero, Larry, in Frank O'Connor's "My Oedipus Complex" is described brightly and with good humor: "I always woke with the first light and, with all the responsibilities of the previous day melted, feeling myself rather like a sun, ready to illumine and rejoice. Life never seemed so simple and clear and full of possibilities as then". This presents Larry to the reader as active and cheerful boy. There is no such description for Jerome in Graham Greene's "A Shocking Accident" except of notice, that "Nor was Jerome a boy who cried; he was a boy who brooded ". So the character of the main hero in Frank O'Connor's "My Oedipus Complex" is more interesting to read about that one in Graham Greene's "A Shocking Accident".
The paradox in Graham Greene's "A Shocking Accident" is that Jerome's father died, because a pig had fallen on him. It is really very unusual kind of death. But there are more paradoxes in Frank O'Connor's "My Oedipus Complex". Firstly, Larry said, "The war was the most peaceful period of my life". Then, he wanted to marry his mother and to have a lot of babies, when he grew up. And when a baby has been born, Larry found that he don't like the baby. ...
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In both Frank O'Connor's "My Oedipus Complex" and Graham Greene's "A Shocking Accident" attitude of a little boy to his father is described. Frank O'Connor in his short story "My Oedipus Complex" tells about non-simple relations of father who has just returned from war with his son…
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