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Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous of Shakespeare's plays. The story of the passion between the children of two feuding families is often written of as a play about love: but in fact there is a strong undercurrent of bitter hatred and civil unrest which is the impetus behind the tragedy.


As well as the themes of love and hatred within the play, the play also puts emphasis upon fate as the controller and manipulator of the families. Romeo and Juliet meet by accident, and it is love at first sight. Accidents follow in quick succession; Juliet is forced to accept Paris as her fiance; Romeo and Juliet marry in secret; Mercutio and Tybalt are killed; the Prince banishes Romeo, and the lovers messages become lost - Juliet takes a sedative and is buried, but Romeo does not get her message that it is a fake death, and both they and Paris die. As the Prince says:
The two scenes here demonstrate the difference between the love which Romeo and Juliet feel for each other, and the hatred which governs the lives of those around them. In Act 2 scene 2, Romeo moves from the bland sentiment of courtly love (Pretending to admire an unobtainable woman) to true passion for an individual; in Act 3 Scene 1, the jesting and vital Mercutio is slain by Juliet's cousin: Romeo immediately kills him in revenge. Whereas in the last scene (Act 2 Scene 6), Romeo had married is enemies daughter, amidst declarations of love, here the hatred is restored with the shedding of blood.
The act starts with both Romeo and Juliet speaking soliloquies (Monologues where the character gives voice to internal thoughts, or feelings which the audience would not ...
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