Journal Entry on The Kid- by Dan Savage

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Today, Homosexuality is addressed as a religion in a variety of ways. Many religions tend to codify the morality of sexuality with no regard to the sex or gender of one's partner. In contrast, many of today's so-called opposed-to-same-sex religions and subsets oppose such relationships.


In contrast, certain countries, such as Iran and and even in some regions of Nigeria, the respective governments threaten transgressors with capital punishment, typically in accordance with certain Islamic beliefs. There are often significant differences between official policy and concrete enforcement.
But the present world has seen an uprising erupt from the homosexual entity. People today come forward boldly and proclaim they are Gays and Lesbians. There are even many well personalities who find a name in this list of homosexuals. Some prominent faces are Martina Navratilova, Sir Elton John etc.,
One among such openly gay individual is Daniel Keenan Savage who was born near Chicago, Illinois in 1964. He is an openly gay American sex-advice columnist, author, media pundit, journalist and newspaper editor whose strong opinions pointedly clash with both traditional conservative moral values and those put forth by what Savage has been known to call the "gay establishment". He is also a playwright and theater director, both under his real name and under the name Keenan Hollahan, using his middle name and his grandmother's maiden name.
Known for his nationally syndicated sex advice columns popu ...
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