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Book Report/Review example - Folklore Tale Little Red Riding Hood

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Book Report/Review
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To analyze the folklore 'Little Red Riding Hood' about a little girl's encounter with a wolf, or any other fairytale is a tricky business because we generally do not have a completely comprehensible collection, or a totally reliable and authentic texts from the times and places in which these stories have circulated…

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Therefore, it is not surprising that the analysis of fairytales has been the most complicated and difficult endeavour, especially with so little continuity and so much ambiguity within them. By looking into the different aspects, this essay will try to analyze the origins of the folklore Little Red Riding Hood and the significance of how it has changed over time.
1.Emma Emily Kiefer, Albert Wesselski and Recent Folklore Theories, Indiana University Publications: Folklore Series 3 (Bloomington,1947) p.9 (quoting ReidarTh. Christiansen,who in turn was quoting Aurther Bonus)
The first written version of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood by Perrault and the more popular version known today; by the Grimm's brothers present a similar, yet a different story. The moral presented at the end by both the versions is similar but with a slight twist. It shows the journey of a girl's loss of innocence and her transition from childhood or adolescence to adulthood. Perrault and Grimm brother's versions of Little Red Riding Hood also help us to understand the status of women and the way they were treated by the society, along with a reflection of the culture of that period.
Although no written form of the tale pre ...
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