Utopia by Sir Thomas More

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Utopia" was written by Thomas More in 1516, when on the eve of the Reformation social conflicts were accumulating. This work became very successful and initiated a literary tradition called the utopian novel, which attempts to depict a perfect human society.


But all these specific motives behind the book creation should not distract us from its main message, namely that of offering to readers of a picture of a society based on such laws that promote justice and happiness. More offers so many details about the society of Utopia that we can vividly imagine the life of its inhabitants. Thus, readers can hardly avoid comparisons and analogies between the book and our society, and in many cases try to place themselves in the Utopian environment. I did the same thing, and tried to imagine whether I would like to live in the land of Utopia. Let me share my thoughts on this matter.
First of all, I feel that my personal opinion (and I am sure opinions of other people as well) about the appropriateness of Utopian lifestyle are to a large degree colored by the basic characteristics of our modern society, and above all by its individualistic values. As More points out, in Utopia ". . . they share everything equally . . ." (More 1516). This maxim may at times contradict values of liberalism as one of the fundamental principles of modernity. ...
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