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There are many events that occur in our day to day life, but not all of them are significant. However some events are never forgotten because they result in the learning that changes the personality, the way of life, and most importantly, the thought process of an individual.


This paper presents the analysis of such a character Sammy from the famous short story by John Updike's A&P who experienced an evolution of a more responsible individual after an event that occurred during his normal, business as usual work hours at his work place on a summer afternoon. The paper presents the chain of events that caused the evolution of a new personality of Sammy in accordance with the Causes and Effects theory.
Changes in our life do not happen abruptly. Every change is a result of a number of causes that accumulate over time. The causes result in change of mindset in gradual manner thus resulting in small, intermediate, effects that finally results in a major decision that causes the major change at some stage. The time taken to reach the stage of the major decision and hence the big change depends upon the speed of accumulation of the causes and the intermediate changes. This fact has been presented very well in John Updike's one of his best known short stories, "A&P". This story was first published in the New Yorker on 22 July 1961 on pages 22 through 24 (Salvidar, Toni. 1997. pp1). The story is about a young boy, Sammy who works in A&P Grocery Store located at about five miles from a Beach colony in New England. Sammy is Nineteen years old and has got this job due to a relationship between his Parents and the Manager of the store, Mr. Lengal.
The story is written as a narration by Sam ...
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