Flights of Love by Bernard Schlink

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20th Century Germany, prior the war, has been occupied with an atmosphere of control, where even cultural artefacts, such as works of art has been subjected to the government platform aimed at purging the country of the distortion and corruption embodied by modern art, and modern influence in general.


Until National Socialism came to power there existed in Germany a so-called modern art, which is to say that, almost by the nature of the word, there was something new almost every year. National Socialist Germany, however, means to have a German art once again, and this like all the creative values of a people, must and will be an eternal art. If art lacks an eternal value for our people, then even today it has no higher value. (in Chipp 476).
It is the effect that this era had in the post-war culture of Germany that is the central subject of the stories in Schlink's Flights of Love - the betrayals that resulted from it, the emotional and psychological damage it caused its people, and the past that it passed down to the succeeding generation.
Flights of Love by Bernard Schlink is a book that makes an exploration into the different facets of love and the moral dilemmas they entail within the cultural-historical context of 20th Century Germany. The book, therefore, despite its title is neither a collection of love stories. Instead, like the "rock or dune, the beach, and the sea" in the painting of the Girl with Lizard; love, falling in love, being in love, and falling out of love "are not so important" (Schlink 10). ...
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