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Essay example - the symbolism of Amy Lowell's poem "patterns"

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Patterns", a poignant by Amy Lowell's is an emotional monologue, colored in the sophisticated imagination of affection. It is all about the dilemma one has to face and move along with uneven circumstances. These circumstances Lowell refer to as "Patterns"…

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Lowell's "Patterns" is an account of a young woman who lost his lover involved in movements occurring in the early eighteenth century among provinces in Belgium. She was about to get married to his lover or fiance, but his fiance died in the war. . In her poem she is visualizing each and every moment of delight and pain she has gone through and suffered while his absence. As dressed in the constrictive gown, powdered wig, and jeweled fan, she contrasts the natural colors and configurations of daffodils and squills, bulbs that flower in spring. There she misses his lover to such an extent assuming him to be very near to her and caressing her.
She wanders through the time when he and his warrior lover used to spend afternoons and evenings together, melting within each other arms and unbothered about anything else. Here she again uses the word "patterned paths" referring to the way she chose for his lover.
Then the sight changes when a warrior (one of his lover's colleague) arrives and informs Lowell that his lover is no more in this world. She has compared the news to snakes. Again Lowell has used "Patterned path" indicating the pride she felt on the martyrdom of his lover. Despite of the catastrophic destruction she felt deep inside her, she felt an honor to be the lover of a martyred soldier. ...
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