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Book Report/Review example - El burlador de Sevilla

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Book Report/Review
Book Reports
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El burlador de Sevilla or "The playboy of Seville" is the title of the novel in which the figure of Don Juan appears for first time, thus creating a legendary character that has influenced many literary works since. Published in 1630 by Tirso de Molina, one of the most famous playwrights of the Golden Age, it is set in the Spain of the 14th century [1].

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He is thus unoccupied and enjoying the idleness of the rich.
The play starts with Don Juan deceiving the young Duchess Isabela into having sexual intercourse with him by disguising himself as her suitor, el Duque Octavio. When she discovers the deception and calls for help, Don Juan's uncle, Don Pedro, comes to arrest the rapist. He soon realizes the criminal is his own nephew and decides to let him go. Before, however, he reprimands him and reminds him of a previous incident of a similar nature: "no bast emprender con ira y fuerza extraa tan gran traicin en Espaa con otra noble mujer, sino en Npoles tambin". In spite of the fact that Don Juan is unrepentant, Don Diego goes to see the king and informs him that the man that assaulted Isabella was Octavio. In accordance with the laws of the times, Octavio, now a suspected rapist, is ordered by the king to marry the dishonored Isabela.
In the meanwhile, Don Juan escapes to Spain. During the trip his boat is shipwrecked and himself and his servant Catalinn are washed up on the shores of Tarragona (Spain), where a young lady called Tisbea comes to their rescue. ...
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