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The official history of events is what we have been allowed to know by the officials in charge in the government. On several occasions the information managers of the US government chose to hide unpleasant details from the public. These occasions range from the mundane to the most important.


ncies being used to spy on American Citizens. Martin Luther King and John Lennon were subject to similar investigations by the FBI only on mere suspicions. Subtitled "Hidden Truths that Challenged the Past and Changed the World," this book exposes several personalities with squeaky-clean images including several presidents of the US and other powerful politicians in the Whitehouse and the defense agencies of the US. IBM, considered the prime example of American supremacy in advanced technology will never enjoy such a positive image among the US public and world at large after the expose of their connection with the Nazis. For money, the IBM management sold technology to help the Nazis locate and hunt down their helpless prey. The fact that the corporate whims and fancies control the truth is evident from the cover-up of the link between smoking and cancer. A lot of uncomfortable questions are answered by these investigative accounts of real world events. ...
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