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Macbeth - Book Report/Review Example

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Book Report/Review
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The partnership that this husband and wife have is balanced because their characters are complementary in nature. This means that when they work together, as is the case in this situation, they can achieve far greater results than would otherwise be possible…

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In the first scene that is examined it shows that the partnership is strong as well as the fact that Lady Macbeth wants greatness for her husband and for herself "my dearest partner of greatness" (ACT I SCENE V Line: 9) and she offers to help provide Macbeth with the courage that is needed to make use of the prophecies of the three witches, but which she believes he lacks. This is illustrated by the words "Yet do I fear thy nature. It is too full o' the milk of human kindness" (ACT I SCENE V Lines: 14-15)
Their relationship is a stable one and we are lead to believe it is a strong one with two equal characters working with one another towards similar goals and objectives. There is a great deal caring between the two parties concerned before the madness begins to strike them. The madness begins to drive a wedge between them because they had two different methods of achieving their goal even though their goal was the same. Macbeth is shown to the weaker of the two characters and so Lady Macbeth dominates him into going through with her plan even though he has moral objections to it.
Lady Macbeth cannot physically dominate her husband, but she can manipulate through the use of words, in her words she will "chastise with the valor of my tongue." (ACT I SCENE V Lines: 24-25) She keeps we ...
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