What Problems Do Bi-Racial Families Face In America?

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Such changes as new perception of the world and self, new interpretation of freedom and humans rights, new science and industrial innovations could not change negative attitude towards bi-racial families and bi-racial children.


In her story, "Desiree's Baby", Kate Chopin vividly portrays problems of a family who has a "not-white" child. The main problem is that the society did not want to accept the child who did not match their race. Desiree has to abandon her husband and her house because she had born a "non-white" child. Even Armand, a farther, depicted as cold, unloving, unsympathetic man who has to obey social opinion. The only possible way for Desiree is " Come home to Valmonde; back to your mother who loves you" (Chopin, 2005)

These problems have deep historical roots and closely connected with the period of slavery and "white" dominance. While "whites" are universally proud of their background, contemporary African-Americans are still the target of discrimination and outright racism. The cause of this problems lies in the fact that slaves (usually "blacks') were seen as a tool deprived of human rights and were unequal to masters. For these reason, Armand could not live under the roof with "a slave" (in his understanding), and could not give the child his name. On the other hand, the enslaved African became a 'citizen' as stated under the law, but he also became a 'nigger', cornered from all sides. ...
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