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Buying Beauty - Essay Example

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The essay begins by presenting the theme of the series, followed by a brief charcater sketch of the main characters of the series and then goes on to address various thoughtful questions raised in the series .
"Beauty is only skin deep" - - "What you don't see is hidden under the skin and it may be more important than physical beauty"…

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Buying Beauty

In essence we all crave for perfection. It can be easily said that in the present world, where beauty is depicted by waif thin models , whose perfect figure, perfect features and perfect walk symbolise the very idea of womanhood/manhood , an average person's entire idea of self esteem and personal worth is based on how good he looks .If he or she doesn't look good then he runs the risk of facing rejections in getting employment, in personal relationships and in forging new contacts. Depression and low self-esteem can be only the tip of an iceberg of difficulties that unattractive people have to face. People with facial scars or burns have reported symptoms ranging from social withdrawal to body dimorphic, agoraphobia to anxiety, sleeping difficulties to suicidal impulses. It is becoming increasingly evident that being perceived as ugly can seriously detract from one's quality of life, while being attractive can bring a whole raft of benefits. It seems clear that beauty or the lack of it is no longer merely about aesthetics, but is now a health issue.
Everyone dislikes some aspect about their own appearance, inc ...
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