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From the preamble, P.W. Ernest Costas' article is a part-eclectic, part-inferential abstract on the learning organisation. Thus, with brevity and concision, he has not only indicated his sympathies with the academics and theorists whose submissions and investigations he sets out in this article, but has also culled from various authors presumably to corroborate and complement the summary of his gleanings from the academics and the theorists His article identifies the five parameters of a "typical" learning organisation as: systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, building a shared vision, and team learning.


fying the reference for which the texts were employed Besides, does it define and specify its audience, in order correspondingly to match its language and structure with content and audience
writing is intended. It can, however, be inferred from the nature of the journal (an academic journal) and from the last four words of the preamble, "business transactions and prosecutions", that the article is intended for academic business men and women, who need practicable theories for the successes of their businesses. If one takes this as the intended audience, then the language and structure of the article are apt, clear and intelligible.
Then, the integrity. ...
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