Jack London and Steven Crane

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The characters are often shown to be facing challenging relationships with their surroundings. Nature is portrayed as an indifferent force. The plots typically follow the progression, rather regression, of the primary character towards death or degeneration. good!
The narrative is a third person account of the main character's downward spiral which is presented with a detached or objective view. The lives of the characters in this literary form are often governed by the forces of instinct, passion and heredity. Forces beyond the control of the characters come into play whenever they try to exercise their free will or choice.
Literary realism focused on the trials and tribulation of people in the upper echelon of society, whereas naturalists wrote about the human suffering where characters were fighting against an indifferent universe for survival. Writers of this genre were heavily influenced by the scientific and social theories of the day. Jack London and Stephen Crane wrote in this tradition about social class, industry, city life and the indifference of nature.
Jack London considered Huxley and Darwin among others to be the heroes of his personal pantheon. His famous works like "'The Call of The Wild,",' "'White Fang"' and "'The Sea-Wolf "' are set against a backdrop of hardship and struggle for survival. ...
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