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The myth of Prometheus, the benefactor of the human race and creator of science and craft, has not lost its visual power despite of the fact that the story was recorded more than 2700 years ago. What is the reason that we are still captivated by a story that defies our logic and does not reflect our present cultural or religious beliefs Modern scholars associate the story of Prometheus with a revolutionary change of the Neolithic revolution i.e.


He drew no distinction between politics and poetry and his work reflected the radical ideas and revolutionary optimism of the era. Like many poets of his times, Shelley employed mythological themes and figures from Greek poetry. Poets and scholars have traditionally read the tale of Prometheus as a lesson in revolution, seeing the imprisoned Titan as an emblem of the lone individual in heroic rebellion against mindless tyranny. The title character, Prometheus is perhaps more than other heroes and serves the scholars as a sort of critical mirror. As many critics have noted, through the doubling of the human qualities of Prometheus and Jupiter, Shelley subtly emphasizes the lack of distance between the tyrant and the slave, and also the cynical nature of time through periods of liberty and tyranny. Shelley's manipulation of genres throughout Prometheus Unbound creates a controlled sense of expectation and contrast that permits him to progressively expand his drama towards universal harmony. The lyrical harmonization of the universe pervades all levels of drama, uniting the mental drama of Prometheus and with the external drama of a transformed world, signaling the affirmative revolutionary edict of a new age of humanity.
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