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Besides being a legendry poet from ancient Greece, Homer is a personality whose work is a benchmark for literary work that defines the phrase par excellence. His poems date back to the 7th or 8th century and have an almost haunting quality in their elements of relentless strength and power.


Therefore, the study of Homer is relevant in today's scholarly and scientific pursuits. (www.wikipedia.com)
An epic poem to match the excellence demonstrated by Homer in The Odyssey, the Iliad is a story of a struggle. Set in a period of time when sieges and power struggles were the norm of the day, Iliad can be translated to mean "perception of the lion". Poles apart from each other in content and illustration of varying elements, both poems have been produced by the same poet to show his degree of versatility. (Jong, 1999. p 3 to 7)1
While the Iliad and the Odyssey have been considered as the most important works in Ancient Greek literature especially in the classic Greek period, they have also served as a strong platofrm for the inspection of Greek pedagogy in antiquity. Traditionally, they have formed the center of the rhapsode's repertoire where their recitation has been held as a central part of Greek religious festivals. The book would be spoken or sung all night where modern readings last around 14 hours. On such an occasion, the audiences would be found to be attending those parts that they particularly enjoyed.
There have been numerous examplkes of scholars of the written word treating the Iliad and Odyssey as literary poems, where they belive Homer to be a writer like any other. ...
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