Grendel by John Gardner

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John Gardner or John Edmund Gardner as you may know him wrote this famous novel by the name of Grendel. The novel was completed in 1970 and was published the following year meaning in 1971. This novel basically describes a scenario of the first part of the Anglo-Saxon epic where a Danish king by the name of Hrothgar, is in danger due to a monster killing his people by coming to his meadhall named as Heorot.


Grendel can speak the same language that people speak and understand. Grendel's mother some how doesn't speak and only takes out weird noises. The uniqueness of the story is the fact that the story has been written from the villain's or the monster Grendel's view. Grendel is trying to figure out the reason of his existence when he hears the poet Shaper and goes to live among humans. He is confronted by fearful men that force him to turn into an evil monster and Grendel starts killing people. The story tells about Grendel from his birth to his death. Although during the story Grendel commits crimes and shows cruelty but still Grendel has gained sympathy from the reader, because of this some critics and readers have considered Grendel to be the hero of the novel. In reality if the text of the novel is studied closely and interpreted it can be clearly seen that Grendel in fact is not the hero of the novel. The originally assigned qualities of Grendel clearly show that he is a villain but according to reality someone is not completely evil symptoms of good deeds are also present, in the same way Grendel has been depicted in the novel. ...
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