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I recommend the short novel called "The Pit and the Pendulum" by Edgar Allan Poe to be included in the journal. A classical story could enrich the contents of the journal and we all know the important role, which tradition plays in literature. There are several reasons for publishing this story: firstly, person of the author, secondly, his whole creative work, and thirdly, this particular story.


"The Pit and the Pendulum" is one of the brightest representatives of tales of horror: all his tales and this one, in particular, are psychological studies of anxiety and terror, passion, anger, revenge and other emotions experienced by lone men who are destined for some strange fate. But whatever happens in the story the main character always remains rational.
In "The Pit and the Pendulum" Poe gives us the first-person narration of a very fantastic and at the same time of a very prosaic story. The writer puts the character with all his weak and strong sides in a quite strange and unreal situation: he is sentenced to death - he is in the arms of inquisition. We don't know anything about him: what is his name, why is he under examination or if he is really guilty. But this lack of information doesn't prevent us from understanding the whole idea and believing in its truthfulness. Poe reaches such an effect by weaving minute realistic details into the fantastic pattern of the story. We can feel every second of the prisoner's sufferings: his desire to live, and later - his fear paralyzing all the feelings and instincts, his uncertainty and decisiveness. ...
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