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'The Cherry Orchard' by Chekhov

Let us consider one of those issues, political idealism. As is it known, the play 'The Cherry Orchard' is a 'grand total' of Chekhov's creative way, his last word turned to a reader. The orchard, which is simultaneously a background of action, a character, and a universal symbol, may be considered in three basic aspects: an orchard as an image and a character, an orchard as time, and an orchard as symbolical spaces.
Poeticized by Chekhov and idealized by the characters connected with it, the cherry orchard undoubtedly is one of characters of the play. It takes its own place in the system of images. The orchard is presented simultaneously as a charge (it emphasizes irresponsibility) and the justification (sense of beauty, keeping traditions, memory) of all other characters.
The orchard sets the top moral plane (that for Chekhov is a norm, but for his heroes by virtue of distortion of a world order and their own inferiority, becomes an ideal), the same as Yasha, the complete scoundrel sets the bottom plane. There are no verticals, which should connect these planes. Therefore all other characters stay between, in the middle, as if being in free fall, not touching any of planes. They have deflected from the norm, but have not come down finally. ...
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Anton Chekhov is the creator of new form of drama, which is characterised by novelty of conflict, refusal of an external intrigue, combination of drama, comic and lyrical basis, the great role of the subtext created by notes of the author, pauses, and pictures of the nature…
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