Lady Macbeth: The fourth witch

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William Shakespeare's greatest tragedies Macbeth showcases how ambition and guilt can lead to the doom of a valiant soldier. The entire play chiefly revolves around two main characters - the protagonist Macbeth who is a courageous Scottish general and the thane of Glamis, and his beloved wife Lady Macbeth, ambitious than Macbeth himself and with lesser degree of feminine qualities or morals that a woman would normally have.


The scene opens with the three witches appearing before Macbeth and Banquo (noble general) prophesying that Macbeth will be honored with the title of Cawdor and Banquo's children will become the kings of Scotland, and disappear. Macbeth, after hearing from Duncan himself that he has been honored the title of Cawdor, his belief about the witches' predictions deepens and he communicates to Lady Macbeth.
On hearing the news about the predictions and Duncan's visit, Lady Macbeth feigns the role of a fourth witch because she is conjured up by evil and harmful thoughts. She rejoices the visit of Duncan as a death knell and schemes to murder Duncan to gain the thrown through evil means. It is clearly visible that the fourth witch is shrouded within Lady Macbeth, which is reflected in the form of wicked thoughts conceived by her. It is unusual of Lady Macbeth to think cruel because any other woman in her place would think of welcoming and honoring the guest, instead she is plotting treachery and murder. In Act 1, Scene V, she calls upon the spirits to unsex her and fill her with cruelty from head to toe, and to make her blood thicker so that the murder plan would be accomplished. ...
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