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Generally, children's literature and books may have been taken for granted and dismissed as a person matures just like any of the childhood paraphernalia that one has to grow out of and store away along with outgrown clothes and toys. Transformative Energies by Kimberley Reynolds, however, puts emphasis on the relevance, dynamism and magnitude of children's literature.


She points out several concerns summed up in the subtitles: The aesthetic of childhood innocence; Children's literature and the aesthetic of transformation; the uses of children's literature; and In and out of the nursery.
There have been attempts at putting a boundary on what is supposed to be "children's literature." Reynolds discusses that this is a seemingly impossible situation in the sense that children's literature cannot be confined in one box and be given a label. It transcends barriers regarding its contents, ideas, characters and related matters. The closest criterion that can be made on this issue is the unwritten code of practice where children's literature should contain "no sex, no violence, and no 'bad' language (meaning that the writing should refrain from swearing, slang, and most aspects of colloquial or idiomatic use, and be grammatically correct)." Like any other literary form, it covers a wide variety of elements and possibilities.
Moreover, Reynolds points to the main focus of her discussion which is transformation. ...
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