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This essay compares the two poems of January, 1795 and The Prelude, Book Seventh, Residence In London, lines 624 - 741. January, 1795 is a poem by Mary Darby Robinson. Residence In London is a poem written by William Wordsworth. This essay explores the poetic structures in the two poems and makes comparisons between them.


Every verse of four lines contains a couplet. This means that the ending word of each pair of lines rhyme together. For example, in the second verse, 'Lofty mansions, warm and spacious ; / Courtiers clinging and voracious ; ' , the ending words spacious and voracious rhyme together. However, the first verse is special because there are no couplets but all four lines in the verse rhyme on the ending sound of 'ing'.
The first verse describes the harsh conditions of the climate and its effects on people. It is so cold that the pavement is slippery and people are catching the cold and sneezing. There is a great divide between the economic classes in society as the rich have plenty of good food to eat and the poor are starving. The genius is not recognized for his talent and helped to maximize his potential but instead judged and punished by virtue of his economic woes. The political climate is one of imprisonment for debtors and the destitute. It was a trap because once a person was imprisoned, he had no means of earning money to pay off his debt and he will remain imprisoned until something happens. ...
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