Leo Tolstoy as one of the great misogynist

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Misogyny by its simplest definition is the "hatred of women" (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary). Leo Tolstoy, considered as one of the greatest Russian writer, has been considered as a misogynist by many literature critics such as Gorky because of his literary works like Anna Karenina and The Kreutzer Sonata.


Literary critics who name Leo Tolstoy as one of the great misogynist use the argument of how Tolstoy developed the character of Anna and the other female characters unfavorably. But then, upon critical analysis, there is more depth given to the characters of Anna, Kitty and Dolly than the tragedies that happened to them.
The first argument I have to raise is how Tolstoy developed the character of Anna as a woman that defies the prototype of female literary heroines at that time. It is evident in how Tolstoy depicted Anna's appearance when she first saw Vronsky at the train station. Tolstoy focused not only on the physical attributes of Anna but as well as her spiritual aura. It must be noted that Vronsky was drawn not in Anna's beauty or figure but rather in her eyes. The manner of how Tolstoy characterized Anna is very crucial because it symbolizes the intellect and maturity of Anna which is far from the femme fatale portrayal of other adulteresses in romantic fiction. Tolstoy has built the character of Anna with such power and grandiose because of her beauty, intellect, and principles in life.
The decision of Anna to commit adultery and be with Vronsky was heeded by most people to be misogynistic because it is miserable for Anna to find true love when in fact she is already married. ...
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