Othello and Iago

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How peculiar we humans are - while striving for happiness and positive feelings we extract arguably the strongest emotions from the genre of tragedy. But I believe this is not a contradiction because the main concern of man is another human being and few of us could witness suffering of our fellows without deep condolence.


What makes Shakespeares heroes so unforgettable I guess it is their accented humanities - Shakespeare shows the intricacy of human soul and so complex emotional experiences that a reader is glued to his works. In this regard, Shakespearian "Othello" is one of the most vivid examples of a powerful talent of the author in creation of characters whose personalities concentrate in them the essence of different human virtues and vices, as if serving as magnifying lenses through which we can better recognize different human qualities. Othello and Iago, the main heroes of the play, represent respectively the human vices of blind jealousy and human wickedness the roots of which is hard to fully explain. But of course Othello and Iago are much more complex personages who entwine the mentioned qualities into a rich and complex canvas of the human soul. Let us overview the characters of Othello and Iago and try to compare and contrast them.
The protagonist of the play Moor Othello is the army general, and thus is eloquent and respected. But his open nature and his situation in terms of his ethnicity, age, and military lifestyle would allow for a terrible manipulation from the side of Iago, who manages to transform the love of Othello for his wife Desdemona into a deadly jealousy. ...
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