Deconstructing Issues of Developments and Developers: A Book Review

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Delving on the issues regarding real estate is a daunting task. The real estate market is characterized by the complex web of interaction with buyers, sellers and exchanging real property rights for other assets, usually money. This type of interaction occurs in different areas, for different reasons, and in relation to different types of property.


These divisions facilitate the study of real estate markets.
The attempt of its editors Guys and Henneberry to produce a book that encompasses all the appropriate issues regarding real estate development in the UK is far from being commendable. It is not just ground-breaking, but it is useful for people who would want to take a peek on real estate issues in general without the pains of jargons and technical know-how. Their book Development and Developers - Perspectives on Property have pioneered an interdisciplinary outlook in the world of property development and property developers To elaborate the significance of this book, it is supplemental to delve on the formation of real estate.
In simple terms, real estate market is formed by the interaction of buyers and sellers in exchanging real property rights for other assets, usually money. Considered as special type of asset, real estate should be viewed in the context of the overall economic life of a nation. In terms of wealth in open economies, for example, it is clear that, although national and international trends influence the level and pattern of real estate values, the property industry in its turn affects many, if not most, economic activities by virtue of its collective size. ...
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