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Carl Rogers Humanistic Approach

There the author references to other authors that described and analyzed this process, and he insists that the process should have a dialogical nature, rather than focus on the person. This is necessary, the author states, to help the therapist penetrate into the inner world of the patient and understand his emotions to help him.
The other part of the article is devoted to Rogers' attitudes to education which is an integrated part of facilitative practice. The strong point of Rogers' theory, the author states, is attention that Rogers pays to the relations. Here he also discusses Rogers' ideas about student-centered educational process. These ideas the author considers to be the reasons of Rogers' theory popularity among educators. But here the author notes that the person-centered approach has definite limitations while being applied in the educational field, as the educational process should be based upon dialogue. The viewpoint expressed by the author is based upon compared works of Rogers and some other authors, who studied humanistic approach. Conclusions, made by the author, cannot be regarded as fully reliable, as they reflect subjective ideas, not supported by practice, but they have to be taken into consideration while observing humanistic approach worked by Carl Rogers.
The author of the article aimed at comparing the pe ...
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The author of the article observes the main issues of the approach worked out by Carl Rogers. He studies "core conditions" that were represented in Rogers' practice - "congruence (realness), acceptance and empathy". He discusses the advantages and disadvantages of these conditions from the points of view of various commentators and scientists and compares their viewpoints…
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