Sidneys Defence of Poesie

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The essay provides a brief introduction to Sidney, and his place in the English literature. It further highlights the influence of Renaissance on him and his works. The essay goes on to state Sidney's views on poetic creation. Then it talks about how Sidney defences imagination in his treatise.


Sir Philip Sidney was one of the brightest stars adorning the Elizabethan era. This age is called Elizabethan, because Queen Elizabeth ruled England during this period. She was a patron of arts, and this encouraged the artists to produce their work in abundance. The Elizabethan age saw great writers like Shakespeare, Marlowe, Kyd, Peele, Lyly, Wyatt, Surrey, More, Spenser, and Sidney. The wave of Renaissance that hit the English coast, made a great impact on these writers.
Renaissance means 'rebirth'. It refers to the revival of interest in classical languages like Greek, and Latin. Historically, it follows the middle ages, but it is difficult to distinguish the end of the middle ages from the Renaissance. The Renaissance was a total break away from the middle ages. The Renaissance celebrated the learned, civilized, broad-minded, freethinking, and enlightened aspects of life. The spirit of Renaissance questioned everything related to tradition. Its influence touched all the walks of the Elizabethan period.
Renaissance was a European phenomenon. It revolved around Individualism and Humanism. When England turned its attention towards the study of Latin, and Greek, it led to the publication of many books in all the fields of literature. ...
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