compare and contrast the treatment of love in the following Romantic poem and extract from a Romantic poem Charlotte Dacre's 'I1 Trionfo del Amor' and Byron's

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Any piece of poetry must arouse a personal response in the reader, and with a universal topic like 'love', there is no doubt that both these pieces succeed in eliciting that response. There must exist within the work, enough universal truth to bring about recognition and thus appeal to many.


This extract, because of its personal appeal, will be discussed first. As a long narrative poem, the poet has much scope for setting the scene, telling the story and introducing meaningful characters and their personalities or condition, and to work towards a climax in whatever way he chooses. It is almost as if Byron is the conductor of a comic opera, employing all nature as his stage setting, and all the foibles of humanity in his players. Sometimes he is in charge, directing the action, at others he appears to be standing in the wings, slyly murmuring wicked asides to the audience/reader. All the time, he allows us glimpses of his own sardonic wit, using bathos to delicious and 'naughty' effect in this ottava rima verse form. The repeated rhymes in the first six lines are supposed to prepare the reader for the epigrammatic closure in the last couplet, but consider the comic effect his final lines have in many of the verses:
This follows on from a description of Juan looking at the stars, the sky, of man and what might be termed as all manner of 'heroic' and high-flown matters. Then 'bump', Byron brings him down from the sublime to the commonplace. The poor boy is lovesick, the poet makes us aware at once, but is
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