The Evolution of the Grail Myth throughout Arthurian Romances

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The Grail Myth, the Christian myth of the Holy Grail used by Jesus at the Last Supper, has given rise to some of the remarkable productions in world literature and the evolution of the Grail Myth can only be comprehended in connection with the Arthurian Romances.


The Grail Myth was the first to be introduced to the Arthurian legend by the celebrated French poet, Chretien de Troyes and it was developed through the Arthurian Romances. Significantly, the most important element in the story of King Arthur in the Arthurian Romances has been the quest for the Holy Grail which is an emblem or metaphor for an extremely enviable though eventually challenging goal to the millions of its readers. However, it has been a complex task to comprehend the evolution of the Grail Myth throughout the Arthurian Romances and this has various convincing reasons. "The original Grail romances did not develop a consistent, coherent narrative: there never appeared a clear and definitive 'legend of the Grail'. The romances were created by a series of writers working with different preoccupations, different purposes and different interpretations of their predecessors' stories - and in some cases almost certainly at the same time as each other, with no knowledge of one another's work." (Bryant, 1) In short, an analysis of the evolution of the Grail Myth through the Arthurian Romances has been a complex task and this paper focuses on a profound analysis of the development of the myth through the hands of different authors of the Arthurian Romances.
The students and scholars of the Arthurian Legend need to undertake a diligent ...
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