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Strategic Management The Eden Project Ltd - Essay Example

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The Eden Project is located at Bodelva, in Cornwall, on the south-west coast of England, and is built in an old china clay mining pit with exhausted natural resources. The reconstructed site represents a vivid combination of house plants, crops and landscapes to communicate its story in a "Living Theatre of Plants and People" (…

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Strategic Management The Eden Project Ltd

The purpose of the project is to establish and maintain this facility in which the world's principal ecosystems are reproduced.
The present strategic position of the Eden Project can be defined by those strategy-making elements that define the purpose and the actual strategic outcomes for the company (Thompson et al, 1996). These consist of the business the company is in, its mission and long-term vision; its specific strategic objectives; actual strategy execution and performance evaluation.
Having exciting mission or purpose is what brings people together, stimulates extra effort, and causes people to live the business instead of just coming to work (Pearson, 1992). Today the strategic vision of the company is much different from what was defined back in May 1994 as a "vision" of five glasshouses linked together for a "walk-through" experience, representing world climate region. The business mission at that period was perceived to be a large-scale theme park. Today, after years of successful operations and significant financial and know-how backup, the long-term mission and vision are much more broadly defined, while still bearing the entrepreneurial values from the beginning of the project's creation. ...
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