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Book Report/Review example - Irony in the Necklace and the Lottery

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Book Report/Review
Book Reports
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Irony is a literary technique where there is an absurd or unintentional link with truth that goes far beyond mere exoteric meanings. The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant and The Lottery by Shirley Jackson are two stories where irony occurs. The irony in these stories is similar in some ways but different in others…

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In The Lottery there is situational irony when the town's people display such a carnival atmosphere to such a horrid spectacle. In The Necklace, there is situational irony when Loisel fears so much to be shunned by the upper crust that she works herself to poverty to save face in their sight. In The Lottery there is situational irony as the drawing progressed things became more ritualistic yet the people remained sort of business as usual talking about taxes and such. It is ironic how humans often seem to act intelligently as individuals, but under the duress of tradition and social influence, we become less capable than herd animals. The underlying truth is that we are not in as much control of our lives as we may think. In both The Necklace and The Lottery, there is situational irony. Things are not always as they seem. The lessons go deeper as the ironic similarities diverge between these two short stories.
In The Necklace, tragic irony is more pronounce; whereas, in The Lottery, verbal irony is more pronounced. For example, in The Necklace there is tragic irony as the wife and husband attempt to rectify their mistake, they actually made matters worse, and in The Lottery, everything seemed as if The Lottery was good thing. ...
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