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Essay example - Psychology Annotated Bibliography

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In this article, the author focuses on the discrepancy between the challenges that children face with respect to the divorce of parents and the strategies in which their risk and resilience are promoted. With over 20 years of experience in helping children deal with issues of separation and divorce, the author has recognized the various needs of children with divorcing parents and suggests numerous ways of improving the overall psychological wellness of these children through combined research, intervention, and policies that will lead to more positive parent and child relationships…

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Although the article seems to target professionals within the field, the information in which Pedro-Carroll provides proves to be both helpful and interesting for those individuals researching this particular subject. The resources and findings which are presented seem to reflect a vast amount of research on the author's part making this article a worthwhile reference.
This article is merely a review of both past and current programs which are designed to promote family wellness and the prevention of child maltreatment. Overall, it seems to be aimed towards professionals within the health and social fields but may prove somewhat helpful to individuals performing general research on the subject. The authors, Geoffrey Nelson, Marie-Claire Laurendeau, and Claire Chamberland are all well qualified in their fields, each holding a Ph. D. in Psychology. Extensive research from these authors was shown and backed by reliable sources. The article interprets various programs, with focus on primary and secondary approaches, and reviews research evidence on the effectiveness of such programs. ...
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