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Vega is one of Puerto Rico's most celebrated contemporary authors being a recipient of prestigious literary prizes such as the Premio Juan Rulfo (1982) and the Premio Casa de las Amricas (1981). She pursued an academic career as a professor of both French literature and Caribbean studies at the same time that she became an accomplished author.


(Wikipedia Online, 2006)
First in line was a story about a man and his harmonious relationship with his thirty seven wives and his children - also having the same number. All was well, food was provided and the wives did not quarrel but actually helped each other. That was until a troublesome tax collector required him to authenticate the existence of his children which he uses to cut down his tax obligations. He was able to devise a way to prove their existence and get back on the tax collector's impertinence. What he did was to bring the children in the Treasury Department and made them to make such a ruckus that they would never doubt their authenticity again.
The second story tells that of a man burned alive as he was pointed out as the source of a curse which is implied in the story to refer to a spread of a sexually transmitted disease. The disease caused the inhabitants of the town to raise their properties to the ground with some of them alighting themselves thereafter. The third story tells that of a couple haunted by a spirit which the woman attributes to her mother-in-law. The story climaxes with their baby burned alive, the woman sent to a lunatic's asylum and the husband return to her mother's company. ...
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