Faulkner on the basis of the characters in A Rose for Emily

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A Rose for Emily" (1930), one of the most celebrated short stories by the American literary genius, has a pertinent significance as a character analysis of the story throws ample lights on the life of the author. This widely acclaimed story which takes place in Jefferson, Faulkner's fictional city, is noted for its characterization, and it is possible to diagnose Faulkner on the basis of the characters in "A Rose for Emily." Therefore, the short story has special meanings William Faulkner with regard to the behavior of the men versus the women, and the odd behavior of Emily regarding the deaths of her father and Homer suggests some of the essential elements about characterization.


The death of her father as well as Homer Barron left Emily with her characteristic odd behavior and she spends years living and sleeping with the corpse of Homer. The narrator is specific in mentioning that the other characters of the story could not, in the beginning, notice the fact that she was crazy, and a mental health professional examines, diagnoses, and treats her. ...
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