Gender and Family in Relation to Poplitics and Class

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Issues on gender, family, and social class confront the whole society. They are burning concerns that gained so much attention and sensitivity especially in the present context where there is global economic crisis and political aggressions. Gender many be defined in many ways.


The meaning of family has also changed and developed from its traditional definition as a basic unit of a society. Today it is taken as "any of our immediate social groups within which we feel a strong sense of friendship, bonding or belonging ("
As to the definition of working class, this includes but not limited to the following:(1) Craft workers; (2) Laborers in factories; (3) Restaurant workers; (4) Nursing home staff; (5) Repair shops, garages; and (6) Delivery services. (
There are varied connotations to gender, family, and social class. It is important to have a clear understanding on those terms as this paper intends to find out the relationship of such factors to politics and classes.
In the present context, it is a glaring reality that social class and standing is very much affecting the condition of the labourers, especially the working women of lower class. This paper however, will have to base its discussion based on a review of a relevant piece of work. ...
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