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Essay example - Super size me by Morgan Spurlocks

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Yumm'I'm lovin it'.Eha minute! I am not loving Justin Timberlake's epithet for the French fries, Humberger, McNuggets and junkie foods of the Big Mac but the deep insight into their effects entailing upon our health well hinted upon by Morgan Superlocks in his trend setter movie Super Size Me.

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Given the engagement of today's common man and the life-style being heavily fashionable after the media hype, these menus have gained wide acceptance among the people of all sections over the traditionally more nutritious ones in the US, UK and the whole world alike.
Researches into obesity in America and other countries, the samples were largely taken from mostly those countries where the McDonald's craze is well a daily life presence, have shown that the menu is extra-ordinarily rich in fats and cholesterols if they are taken in huge quantity or continuously for a long time.
The obsession to the diet has ballooned us into a super size volume like a hybrid tomato, which gets rotten so soon and is on the verge to go flat at the slight pressure. McDonald's foods are rich in taste with refined floor, processed sugar, sodium overload, and saturated fats however their heavy intake has lethal effect.
Morgan delineates the life-style addicted to the fast foods in his 98-minute documentary is really a poignant achievement. The stunning fact is presented in a most entertaining and hilarious way delivering at the same time "loads of facts, food for thought, and a heaping serving of laughs" (Mark Robinson, RENO Gazette- Journal). ...
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