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Essay example - The Birthmark

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Story "The Birthmark" tells in modest and little bit romantic tone about a dedicated scientist named Aylmer, who killed his young loving wife when attempting to correct her natural "imperfection": a big crimson birth mark on her left cheek, which had shape of human hand-print…

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He is a good scholar, who reached progress in chemistry, philosophy, psychology and other related subjects. At the same time, he is a mystic alchemist, who possesses divine "elixir of life" and aspires to perfection in every single thought of his, including his desire to change appearance of his wife.
Georgiana is a young lady, rather beautiful, who loves her husband and feels his affection in response. Spouses live in accordance; they complement each other well, but there is something which slightly puts them into conflict. Within the time Georgiana's birthmark becomes an obstacle for them in developing their feelings. For Aylmer it symbolizes natural "defect". He becomes obsessed with it and even in his dream he sees himself operating his wife and removing the mark.
Georgiana's attitude to her birthmark changes during the story. In the beginning of it she does not feel bad about her mark, remembering compliments of her previous lovers, who used to find the hand-shaped beauty spot to be a "fairy sign" on her face. But seeing that her husband is getting more and more irritated with it, Georgiana herself begins feeling disturbed, and then starts strictly disliking her natural mark. That is why she accepts and enjoys the idea of experimental removing it.
In laboratory of Aylmer Georgiana reads his scientific dia ...
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