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Essay example - Theodore Roosevelt

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In essay, an attempt is made to present the comparative analysis of the works of Theodore Roosevelt who was the President America. The works, which have been taken up for the present analysis, are biographical or autobiographical in nature. These works represent the views and opinions of Roosevelt regarding the various aspects of his public life.

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Roosevelt wrote the books such as The Game of Life, Messages to Americans, An Autobiography, The Strenuous Life, Through the Brazilian Wilderness and many other books which reflected the political and social philosophy of Theodore Roosevelt who clearly put forth his views regarding divergent political and social issues which affected the large number of Americans during this period. The study of biographical and autobiographical works of Roosevelt are very relevant for us due to the fact that Roosevelt was an important public figure and he was in a position to witness various developments in his life as the President of America. In this essay we venture to present the comparative analysis of his works such An Autobiography and other works written of Roosevelt.
His book An Autobiography (Roosevelt, 1913) consists of relevant information regarding the making of Roosevelt as he was influenced by the various developments in his life during this period before he emerged as the President of America. ...
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