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Book Report/Review example - Role of father in Annie John and Drown

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Book Report/Review
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Afro-Caribbean Literature is comparatively new. It was only in the '60s that the Caribbean writers saw the means to record their individual identity and the problems of the community. Their works are closely related to the political, social and physical environment of the islands…

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Consequently, all of them see alienation as a universal human condition and perceive it through varying levels of consciousness. Such themes are remarkably played out in the works of two most popular post-colonial writers, Jamaica Kincaid and Junot D'az.
One can make an interesting discovery while analyzing Kincaid's Annie John and D'az's Drown against the historical backdrop of colonization and Civil Rights Movement - the marginalized role of the father figure. Kincaid's Annie John is a bildungsroman built around a woman protagonist whereas D'az's Drown is a collection of ten short stories focusing on the survival of young adolescent male protagonists. In Kincaid's work, we happen to see a father figure, even though he always exists on the periphery. On the other hand, Drown is marked by almost complete absence of fathers in the lives of their protagonists.
Annie's father, Mr. Alexander John is portrayed as a civil and a rather harmless man. Although he exists on the fringes of the familial setup, he is not devoid of love and affection for his family. In fact when filtered through young Annie's consciousness, he comes across as a caring father, who built their house, the furniture within and also the spoon with which she eats. There are moments of tenderness and sympathy that little Annie experiences with her father. In the initial chapters of the novel, he is a part of Annie's prelapsarian paradise. ...
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