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Essay example - Byond th Lrning Orgniztion by Jrry W. Gilly

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Ovr th pst dcd philosophicl shift hs occurrd through ccptnc of th lrning orgniztion. Mny r touting its mthods, dvntgs, nd bnfits, hving concludd tht th lrning orgniztion is th nswr to orgniztionl chng nd dvlopmnt. Jrry W. Gilly in his book "Byond th Lrning Orgniztion" grs tht lrning is prrquisit to dvlopmnt, nd tht it mks sns to focus on th spcts, principls, nd policis rquird to trnsform trditionl orgniztion into lrning orgniztion…

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Jrry Gilly provids brod dscription of orgniztionl ctivitis mphsis sustinbl dvlopmnt of its oprtions nd prformnc. Strting from th discussion of trditionl dvlopmntl orgniztions, th uthors furthr trnsfrs to th foundtions of dvlopmntl ldrship, orgniztionl rdinss, humn rsourc potntil, crr dvlopmnt strtgis, dvlopmntl compnstions nd rwrds; furthr gos on discussing th bluprint in ction within n orgniztion, prformnc mngmnt nd grdully coms up with conclusions rgrding th building of dvlopmntl orgniztion.
Th trnsformtion from trditionl or lrning orgniztion into dvlopmntl orgniztion is s much philosophicl s prgmtic. In dvlopmntl orgniztions, ldrs philosophiclly rcogniz tht mmbrs of th ntir orgniztion must b involvd in th rliztion of its mission, vision, nd gols for ll to njoy prosprity. Prgmticlly, dvlopmntl orgniztions will not b succssful unlss ldrs, mngrs, suprvisors, nd mploys collctivly blnd thir tlnts towrd chivmnt of strtgic businss gols nd objctivs. Impropr trtmnt nd utiliztion of humn rsourcs inhibits prformnc outputs. ...
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