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Essay example - What should managers learn from the book "The World is Flat" by Tomas Friedman?

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For his work as a foreign affairs columnist in the New York times, Thomas L. Friedman has won the Pulitzer thrice. In his insightful recent book, "The World is Flat", he documents the forces that are shaping the things to come in the twenty-first century…

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This book is being handed around between middle and higher management levels in companies today, because of its immediate relevance in the changes happening in the business world, its immense social significance, and the dynamic nature of market equations. Friedman tells us about the ten "Flatteners", or the forces that made the world flat: where growth vectors and knowledge hierarchies are more horizontal instead of vertical and political boundaries have become increasingly insignificant.

Chapter 2 of his book is solely devoted to the identification and definition of these forces, of which the first is the fall of the Berlin wall. The fall of this wall tipped the balance in favor of democratic and free-market oriented governance, and weakened totalitarian rules of centrally controlled economies. It bound the world into a 'seamless' whole where PCs as well as basic inter-operable platforms introduced new methods of dissemination of information, and information is power. Wider access to knowledge made the world a flatter place with increased opportunities of growth and productivity for the educated masses, irrespective of geographic location. Netscape going public with its browser application is the second flattener described by Friedman. ...
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