Darrell Huff's How to Lie With Statistics

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As reviewed by The Atlantic, How to Lie With Statistics is, "a pleasantly subversive little book, guaranteed to undermine your faith in the almighty statistic." Truly, the book even though a bit dated, having been written in 1954 is timeless. A classic that persists to chase away false beliefs and enlighten those who are statistically naive.


Huff then explicates how the reader can see through the smoke and to get to what really lies behind the mirror.
"There is terror in numbers," writes Darrell Huff. His book aims to decipher the terror that lies beneath the world of averages, trends, graphs, and correlations. Huff sought to break through "the daze that follows the collision of statistics with the human mind." The book remains relevant as an awakening for people unacquainted to delve deeper into the nonstop flow of numbers pouring from Madison Avenue, Wall Street, and everywhere else; where someone has a point to prove, a product to sell or an axe to grind. Darrell Huff investigates the breadth of every popularly used type of statistic, explores such things as the tabulation method, the interview technique, the sample study, or the way the outcomes are derived from the figures, and points up the infinite number of dodges which are used to deceive rather than inform. "The secret language of statistics, so appealing in a fact-minded culture, is employed to sensationalize, inflate, confuse, and oversimplify," warns Huff. On the other hand, he said that we should not be terrorized by numbers. ...
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