Poems on the Icarus Theme

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Different people can perceive one thing in numerous ways. Everyone has his or her own outlook of this world. Works of art can specially be viewed diversely. Many poets have written about the famous painting "Fall of Icarus". All have different views. Three poems in particular have been selected, Musee des Beaux (poem1), Landscape with the Fall of Icarus (poem 2) and Brueghel in Naples (poem 3).


The most important feature of a piece of writing is the feel it gives to the reader.
Basically ambience is created through words in a poem. They can make the piece of writing dull or exciting. Notice that poem 1gives off an ordinary feeling as though it is about something routine. The wordings, "About suffering they were never wronghow it takes place while someone else is eating or opening a window" (Auden). Even though Auden is talking about tragedies in life, but his take is that everything is regular and after all is said and done life does go on. Catastrophes are a part of life and everyone has accepted that. Another example is, "opening a window or just walking dully along; How when the aged are reverently, passionately waiting for the miraculous birth" (Auden). Auden is describing the miracle of birth as though it is something ordinary. This technique is used o show that even though something so astounding is occurring life continues its routine. Observe poem 2, "According to Brueghel when Icarus fell it was spring a farmer was ploughing" (Williams). He is carrying the same style as Auden. Notice that he is describing a misfortune, yet the tone of his writing is stress-free and calm. The emotion it presents is of extreme ordinariness. ...
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