Los Vendidos by Louis Valdez

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To get into a humorous mode in any work of literature, the author need not create special clowns. Though such a character serves some purpose from the point of view of entertainment of the audience, the real humor and satire are the ones between the interactions between the different characters on issues related to their day to day lives.


How Louis Valdes interweaves socio-political issues of the young urban Chicanos and responds to their innermost conflicts involving their identity, with satire and humor'
Some welcome breaks in life and career spring forth new opportunities for a creative mind. In 1967 the Teatro Campesino separated from the UFWOC to shift to a new location in Del Rey, California. This new company opened the vistas of new dramatic possibilities. New themes, characters and plots relating to the changing lifestyles were developed. Los Vendidos highlights how the company accepted this challenge. The first performance at Elysian Park was accepted by the public enthusiastically. The inner conflicts of the people were openly criticized and the audience liked this frankness of approach. The cultural affirmation depicted in a satirical tone, impressed them.
Educate through entertainment, seems to be the objective of Louis Valdez and this is the right approach. Moral sermons delivered from the high pedestal bores the audience and no one takes such lectures seriously. Any change in the people should be from within and one should accept such change willingly. The playwright has twin responsibilities. His script needs to be the tool of change, at the same time, popularity of the work at the grassroots level must be achieved. ...
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